Monday, December 28, 2009

Mid-Century Mom Shops for Christmas Dinner!!!

Howdy, All!!!

Sorry for the two week absence, but things were busy in the Mid-Century Mom's life. Between crazy snow (which I did not shovel in a dress or heels, I am not crazy), last-minute Christmas shopping, and cleaning the house, something had to give...

But I am back, and I am proud to say, I took Mid-Century Mom on a field trip to the grocery store to do some Christmas dinner shopping.

The store was just about to close on December 24, 2009, but Mid-Century Mom found a way to make what could have been a stressful, time-crunched outing into something delightful. It even included un-ruffling the feathers of a certain Mid-Century Dad who was sure that as soon as the clock in the grocery store struck 7:00 p.m., the whole of the mid-century family would be incinerated by the evil forces of the grocery management. (Definitely did not happen, as Mid-Century Mom predicted while gently feeling the winter squash for any imperfections. Mid-Century Mom loves her husband, but is a voice of reason in unsettling times. Just like a good housewife should be...)

We took thirty minutes in the store to purchase the makings for dinner including ham, sweet potatoes, squash, pearl onions, butter, green beans (in a can), brown sugar, and pecans. There was also a little tipple in the basket, some very nice white wine.

I found this image over at a BRITISH newspaper, the Daily Mail, and thought it was perfection. This experience we had was very similar in feel to this photo. I even made sure to wear gloves, heels, and a hat. This may be one of my favorite mid-century images, ever. :)

We had started in produce, but as I said earlier, Mid-Century Dad was having a melt-down about the closing time and flatly refused to take a photo. After my little "speech," he acquiesced and decided the images would be fun...especially since Mid-Century Mom made such an effort (look at the gloves, I know it was cold out, but I wore leather gloves with a RUFFLE at the hem...points???).

Here I am with my son checking out the green beans in the can. We were on our way to my dad's for Christmas Eve dinner and he mentioned he needed more green beans (for the yumminess known as Green Bean Casserole) I picked a couple up for him. (The rest of the things I mentioned getting earlier in this post were for CHRISTMAS dinner at our place, with my dad and brother as guests.)

Even when I am not Mid-Century Mom, I always check for dents on my cans. Why? I really don't know. I think I heard once that dented cans can leach metal into the ingredients, but that probably isn't true. Still I check every single can...probably a bit of OCD kicking in...

Found!!! Two cans that are perfect. Apparently Mid-Century Son (Rex) has spotted something ominous in the racks...

And there they go, into the buggy. Doesn't Mid-Century Daughter (CW) look thrilled?

Yes, Mid-Century Mom, her buggy, and her heels took extra care at this wet floor (I suspect it was dry by that point, but you can never be too careful).

And in good Mid-Century Modern Family fashion, one MUST take a waltz down the chilled aisles of the frozen food section. Food that stays good AND yummy for months? Lovely!

Final Thoughts: This was such a nice outing. I truly felt special walking down the aisles of the local Safeway in this outfit. (Can you imagine a time when all people dressed like this to go out?) It wasn't even that difficult. I am already tall enough at 5'8", but those extra 2" that the heels gave was helpful with grabbing some things from the very top shelf. I had an extra spring in my step because there appeared to be something magical about wearing a well-made silk taffeta shirtdress to the store. I felt like the skirt lifted to life in motion with the wheels of the buggy. I suggest all ladies give this type of an outing a whirl.

Ease of being a mid-century mom: 5 out of 5 (5 is the easiest to be a mid-century mom).

Talk with you all later...must update my other blog with this outfit's information (in case any of you are interested in those details).


  1. You are so cute. And I love the realization about heels & reaching. Good point!

  2. I agree, best one yet! I imagine your son is thinking, "what is mom wearing?!" in that first photo. Too cute! Your outfit looks great! I have to check out the details on that one! Yes, Mid-Century mom probably was probably fascinated by that new frozen meal-Swanson's TV dinner!

  3. Love that you "dressed" to go grocery shopping :)

  4. Great one Dina....totally enjoyed this.
    Happy New Year!


  5. Nice post! I always check for can dents, too! I was taught that dents contaminate the food my mid-century Mom!

  6. Love this post, Dina. These ventures with Mid-century Mom are fun.

  7. What a fun blog! This is my first visit and i love it. It's on my favorites. How do you find time to have all those blogs plus two babies? Amazing!

  8. I totally remember the dented can thing - but I thought it was because botulism could get into the cans and poison us. Little did we know at the time everyone would be injecting into their foreheads...

    You look great!!

  9. Dina! :)

    My first venture onto this blog, and I'm sitting her thinking, "How come I have never clicked on that link??"

    The blog is absolutely fabulous and fun! I have found myself thinking lately about how great it would be to go back to that time when everybody actually did make an effort to dress up whenever they went out, and everybody looked utterly polished and elegant, as you do in these wonderful photos (thanks, Mr. Mid-Century!)!

    Count me in as one of those who check cans for dents - even soda cans I check! HeidiG's comment made me LOL! :D

    Take care and happy Friday, all!

  10. You look fantastic! I'm glad you wrote you were on your way to Christmas Eve dinner because I was thinking "wow, she's really taking this dressing up thing seriously!".

    Give up the cans...frozen is so much better!