Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mid-Century Mom Folds Some Clothes!!!

Sorry that I didn't get this post up this weekend. I was a bit busy with my other blogs, and since most of you read those, I knew you wouldn't be that desperate!!! ;)

This has to be sort of a quick post, I am rushing off to a party with some of my husband's office mates, so I can't go on and on like I like to!!!

Last week's task was for me to get very nicely dressed up and fold the laundry. Nothing terribly exciting, but definitely a need in our house...Mr. Dina gets very irritated if I use the laundry racks too long (we do very little dryer drying in this household, so in some weird way we were mid-century modern even before we started this little project of mine).

The image above is from Getty Images. It was sort of a pain to find this one...who would have thunk it???

You all saw me in this outfit already...I wore it here in this post over at My Superfluities. I had alluded to this post then, but am only now getting around to it. Bad me!

Don't I just look so happy folding these pants? My goal was to not look at this chore as a chore, but more as a way of keeping everything in my household just so and right. I am (normally, not just as mid-century mom) very particular about my clothing (shocker, right?), so this task is something I do on a regular basis and NO ONE is allowed to do it for me. But I wanted to elevate this chore to something else...a sort of gemutlichkeit (in German it means a coziness within the house) task. I wanted to do this job because this task enlivens me...and it almost worked.

Here I am folding a top. I am always folding my tops just like they do in the stores. J. Crew should hire me, if only to fold, fold, fold. I look at the sales assistants on the floor using that board thing and think, "amateurs." ;)

There's the smile (just like the lady in the photo from Getty Images).

Final Thoughts: I didn't quite reach zen-like highs doing the folding, but I was amazed at how quickly the job went once I sat down and just "folded." I had no distractions (outside of Mr. Dina and the camera for the first ten minutes). For twenty-five minutes, I folded clothing.

The only thing that made this task difficult was the couch I was sitting on...it is kind of cushy, and I felt like I was sinking into the cushions. Also, the dress and fishnet stockings combo was a little itchy, so I felt uncomfortable.

Ease of being a mid-century mom: 4 out of 5 (5 is the easiest to be a mid-century mom).

Okay, I am off to party (I should get that outfit up tonight over at My Superfluities). :)


  1. I am also an expert folder! I always look at the girls using a folding board and completely lose respect for them. You see, I live in a resort area and happened to work in a t-shirt shop during my college years. I get so much satisfaction from folding loads of laundry and seeing the lovely and perfect stacks piled up on the bed. Ahhh, bliss!

  2. Great post! I love how you look so happy folding those clothes. And, yes, JCrew should hire you to give their sales people a lesson on folding clothes!!!

  3. oh, we should get you a folding board like they show on those infomercials! ha ha ha. I hate folding and ironing, so I would be a bad midcentury mom!
    I can't stop thinking about your cute Boden dress. They have the best prints.

  4. (1) check you out looking all sassy in those fishnets!!

    (2) would love to see the full dina tutorial on clothes folding...on at least 1 of these blogs. :)

    You look great!! I love the idea of making a cozy home - definitely puts "housekeeping" in a whole new light.

  5. I LOVE folding shirts too!! Of course, I also love facing cans... I always say my dream job would be stocking grocery store shelves, and facing cans... I'm sick! LOL


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