Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mid-Century Mom Does the Dishes (in Heels)!!!

Oh, you all, you sweet, sweet 8 followers of mine...I am sorry this took so long to get together. I have had the images of me doing dishes in the dishwasher wearing a dress, heels, makeup, and jewelry for over a month now (I did the dishes in full-on mid-century mom gear on my anniversary), but I had the hardest time trying to figure out which image to use as my inspiration. Many of these images are from people's personal stores (either from magazines, family photos, or books) and I didn't want to infringe on copyright law. (I can't afford to...)

But this morning, I discovered that Getty Images lets you use their images, but with a watermark. Well, yippee!!! I don't need an image with no watermark, I just want you all to see an actual photo from the 50s or 60s of a housewife, looking all snazzy and ladylike, doing chores.

I found this image at Getty Images. I love this because even though this housewife is clearly loading the dishwasher, and I am sure her hands are getting all dirty from the used dishes, she is smiling and seemingly excited because she realizes that the dishwasher will SAVE her from having to actually "DO the DISHES." You know, the old-fashioned, do the dishes in a sink full of greasy water, and if you don't have plastic gloves, well, prepare for "dish-pan" hands.

I also love that her hair is perfectly coiffed, that even her apron is pressed, and that her makeup is utterly fresh.

In contrast, when I do the dishes in the dishwasher, I normally have NO makeup on, I usually am wearing either yoga pants or pj bottoms, and my hair is "tousled." :)

But in keeping with the experiment that I want to turn my life into, I did the dishes a la this beautiful housewife on October 13, 2009.

Look, no need to worry about dishpan hands, I can place the dishes straight INTO the dishwasher without stressing that my hands and nails will look ravaged in the end...

Oh, and look there, I am happy and smiling about it. (Much like our real mid-century mom.) I realize that the dishwasher is so easy a CHILD can do it...see CW, right there, helping???

Final Thoughts: Doing the dishes in the dishwasher is EASY enough in heels, makeup, a pretty dress, and nice hair. I suppose that I could do this chore every day all dressed up. I haven't changed my ways (I still frump out when doing the dishes in the dishwasher), but I don't hesitate to do the dishes when getting ready to go out on the town.

Ease of being a mid-century mom: 5 out of 5 (5 is the easiest to be a mid-century mom).

Okay, now my dear 8 followers, I need your help. What would you like me to do next in pearls and a pencil skirt? Do you want me to do the dishes the old-fashioned way or take the kids for a walk in their stroller all decked out? Or would you prefer that I rake leaves looking lady-like?

It is up to you.

By the way, I plan on posting her twice a week (if I can get the images easily enough). My Superfluities will be where the bulk of my posting will continue to be (4-6 posts a week), but when applicable, I will link from that site to this one.

Thanks for waiting...hope it was worth it!


  1. You look just like June Cleaver! How about taking on gardening? I can just picture the Mid-Century Mom in her capris and gardening gloves doing a very clean job of the garden.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!

  2. What? You mean that's not how you normally do dishes?

    ha ha

    I think June Cleaver was also dressed to the nines when she would be cleaning the bathroom or folding laundry :)

  3. Hahaha...LOVE this! Have you seen the "How to be good wife" list from a 1954 Home Ec textbook? It is too funny...especially since it was real.

    I would love to see you multi-tasking mid-century style. You know, ironing or vacuuming while reading a cookbook or changing CW's diaper--hehe! :)

  4. I love this!!! Keep up with the experiment, I think this is so fun. I agree with Kathy, we need to see you doing some gardening. Or now that Thanksgiving is coming up, you can do a dinner picture with the family and a perfectly cooked turkey!

  5. Great idea! How about ironing, or the always classic, vacuuming/sweeping/Swiffering in heels and pearls?? :D

  6. Definitely gardening.

    We are 8 but we are great.
    Soon we'll be 9 and we'll be fine.
    On to 10, let's do it again.

    Screw the gardening, I want to see cheerleading with big old fat pom poms.

    Remind me to see if I can find my mom's 1967 marriage book she got from the local Richmond Department Store - either Thalhimers or Miller & Rhoads.

    ...which brings me to my best should be serving Mr Dina a cocktail on tray when we gets home from work.

  7. This is so hilarious! You look divine "doing the dishes!" This comes at a particularly fun time for me, because I *just* for the first time ever in my life, moved into a house that has a dishwasher. I don't know what we ever did without it! You put them in at night and when you wake up - BAM! - they're all clean!

    For your next feat I'd LOVE to see you raking leaves in your Sunday best! Though that seems like torture on the heels (both yours AND the shoes!) Walking a dog in heels is no picnic either, come to think of it. I love this idea - so cute and original! Can't wait to see what you do next! :)

  8. You look fabulous but need a break!
    Why don't you and your JCA frends go to DC do some shopping and go by my sister Amy's bar and resturant in Adams Morgan
    tell her Jodi sent you.
    It is possible she will be wearing a Jacki sweater!! I enjoy both your blogs Dina!

  9. Hi Jodi, I am one of the DC JCAs, I will keep your sister's bar in mind for our next outing. Maybe we will make a "Jackie" girls night out!

  10. I love the idea of a Jackie outing!!!

  11. Hi, ladies!!! I so appreciate every single one of your comments. :) I had a lot of fun creating this post.

    I am going to try every single one of these ideas...the indoor ones are easier to do in general, so I will do those when time permits. As far as the outdoor pursuits, I plan on raking leaves in full-on mid-century dress during the first two weeks of December. Gardening (which I have never done) will have to wait until March or April, and I will have to get my step-mom to help me!

    AppGal: Thanks so much for the link! :)

    HeidiG.: Thank you for finding that book, I plan on scanning its images for use here...AWESOME!

    Jodi, Rosa, and HeidiG.: Oooh, yes. I think this sounds like a plan. We'll talk...

  12. Love your outfits- such a fun idea for a blog!